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Chapter 2: Getting Started with Excel Services
Getting Started with
Excel Services
Chapter 1 provided you with information outlining the many capabilities of Excel Services. Future
chapters focus more on the Excel Services features and provide hands-on experience to facilitate
your Excel Services learning experience. This chapter focuses on the steps necessary to get Excel
Services up and running, and then, as you progress through the remainder of this topic, you will
have a deployment on which to try out Excel Services scenarios and administrative tasks.
In this chapter, you learn the following:
The prerequisites for a single box installation of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
How to install an evaluation version of MOSS
The state of Excel Services upon completion of an evaluation version setup
Installation Types
Microsoft offers four Office Servers as part of the 2007 release: Forms, Groove, Project, and
SharePoint. Excel Services runs on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS). It is only installed
and available with MOSS. Installing the Forms, Groove, or Project server will not install Excel
MOSS can be deployed through three types of installations.
Web Front-End — The only components that will be installed on the server are those
required to render content to users. You can add servers to your SharePoint farm when
you choose this type of installation, and it will install the necessary Excel Services
components on the web front end (WFE). A separate application server is also necessary to
use Excel Services. No database engine will be installed.
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