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Platform Requirements
Complete — All components will be installed on the server. You can add servers to your
SharePoint farm when you choose this type of installation. The application server where you are going
to run the Excel Calculation Server (ECS) requires a Complete installation. You can also use this
installation type on a server that is going to be the WFE. No database engine will be installed.
Stand-alone — All components will be installed on the server. You cannot add servers to create
a SharePoint farm with this type of installation. This server will represent both the application
server and the WFE. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition (SQL Server Express) will be
installed as part of the installation.
The Stand-alone installation type is also referred to as an evaluation installation . That is not to say that you
cannot use a Stand-alone installation in a production environment, because you can. There are many very
good reasons why you might choose to deploy a standalone server. For example, you can use this
configuration to evaluate the product’s features and capabilities, without spending too much time installing
and configuring MOSS. If you expect your deployment to consist of only a few sites, then the Stand-alone
installation may be all that you need.The remainder of this chapter focuses solely on a MOSS Stand-alone
installation. The Complete and Web Front-End setups are not covered in this topic.
Platform Requirements
Before you proceed with installing MOSS, ensure that your system meets both the hardware and
software requirements. The requirements described here are for a single-server deployment, such as an
evaluation server.
Like most other software products, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 has requirements for the
platform. The following table outlines the requirements you will need to meet when choosing the
hardware for your evaluation server.
Dual-processor with a clock speed of at least 2.5 GHz
Minimum 1GB (2GB recommended for evaluation); minimum 2GB (4GB
recommended) for a farm
Disk space
Up to 2GB for installation; at least 5GB of free disk space after installation
In keeping with the evaluation theme, if you adhere to the processor and RAM requirements and
recommendations, then you can expect to have a good experience while you’re learning about and test
driving Excel Services. Chapter 6 provides additional information that will be relevant to your
hardware procurement decisions.
The 1GB minimum for RAM is a starting point for Excel Services. For performance reasons, Excel Services
was designed and built with the understanding that it could be a memory-intensive application. Of course,
the amount of memory available to Excel Services is configurable and the amount of system memory you
will need is dependent on the scenarios you plan to support.
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