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After Setup Completes
The configuration proceeds and you can track its progress by watching the configuration wizard progress
page. When the configuration completes, a Configuration Successful page appears (see Figure 2-9). Click
Finish to exit the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard. This action also
automatically starts an instance of your browser and loads your portal’s default page using the corresponding URL
(such as http://TheExcelServer/Pages/Default.aspx ).
Figure 2-9
After Setup Completes
After both the setup wizard and the configuration wizard are completed, Excel Services is ready to load a
workbook. The evaluation server setup is unique in that Excel Services will load and render a workbook
without any further configuration. This section describes what is available to you on the evaluation server
immediately after you run these two wizards.
Keep in mind that additional configuration may be necessary as the complexity of the scenario increases.
The other two setup types, WFE and Complete, require additional manual configuration steps to get
Excel Services properly configured to load and render workbooks.
A single trusted file location has been defined. An evaluation installation configures a trusted location
automatically, so, by default, all content contained in the portal is trusted by Excel Services. For example,
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