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the address of the trusted location could be http://TheExcelServer . Take a look at the “Trusted
Location Properties” section in Chapter 7 to better understand the settings for this trusted location.
Excel Web Access
The wizards create a Report Center dashboard and save a single Excel 2007 workbook to the Report
Center’s reports library. For example, if the sample dashboard is loaded to http://TheExcelServer/
Reports/ReportsLibrary/Sample%20Dashboard.aspx , the workbook loaded by the sample
dashboard is at http://TheExcelServer/Reports/ReportsLibrary/SampleWorkbook.xlsx .
You can use the sample dashboard to verify that Excel Services is working properly after the evaluation
server setup finishes. Just open the sample dashboard and confirm that the Excel Web Access (EWA)
Web Parts have successfully loaded the content. Figure 2-10 shows the sample dashboard.
The sample dashboard includes three instances of the EWA Web Part, each configured to load a different
view of the data from the sample workbook. Two of the EWA Web Parts are connected to a single text
filter Web Part, which is used to send text to the EWA Web Parts where it is used to filter the data displayed
by the EWA Web Part.
Figure 2-10
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