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To better understand the details behind the dashboard’s configuration, put the sample dashboard page
in edit mode. This mode reveals the properties of each EWA Web Part and the filter Web Part. You can
also see the established relationships between the Web Parts more clearly in this mode. Complete the
following steps to edit the dashboard page:
Load the dashboard by navigating the browser to the URL http://TheExcelServer/
Reports/ReportsLibrary/Sample%20Dashboard.aspx , for example.
Click the Site Actions link located in the upper-right corner of the page, and then click Edit
Page. The layout of the dashboard changes to look something like Figure 2-11.
While you’re in edit mode, you can add, remove, or modify Web Parts. To access the properties
associated with a Web Part, select its Edit link and then select Modify Shared Web Part. This action opens the
property pane, and the properties associated with the Web Part are displayed as shown in Figure 2-12.
You can add more Web Parts to the dashboard by clicking the Add a Web Part link and then choosing
the desired Web Part from the provided list. Chapter 12 provides more detailed information about
building and working with dashboards.
Figure 2-11
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