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Chapter 3: Architecture
Figure 3-1
This topic assumes that you have at least basic knowledge about SharePoint, and does not go into the
details about how to create an Excel workbook or a SharePoint web page.
When the web page is opened in the browser, SharePoint builds the HTML for the page and asks each
Web Part to generate its HTML snippet. The EWA and Excel Services open the file from the document
library, calculate it, and generate its HTML representation. The main Excel Services components are the
EWA Web Part and the ECS. Figure 3-2 shows these components and their relationship to the browser
and the SharePoint document library.
The ECS is the engine behind Excel Services. It contains the logic to open workbooks, calculate them, query
workbook data, and perform operations. The EWA is a layer on top of the ECS that transforms the ECS
information to the HTML rendering.
In this example, the EWA sends a request to the ECS to open a workbook and display a range of data from
it. The ECS downloads the workbook from the document library, opens it, calculates it, and returns the
information from the requested range. The EWA receives the range information, transforms it to its HTML
representation, and returns it to SharePoint, which sends it back to the browser as part of the whole web
page. The EWA also generates a number of JavaScripts that are sent to the browser as part of the page.
These scripts are used primarily for interactivity.
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