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Figure 3-2
When the user switches to the second sheet in the browser, the EWA asks the ECS for the range on that
sheet, and the ECS returns it from the already opened workbook. When the workbook was originally
opened, a session was created and is maintained on the ECS. Any further operation that the user does
(for example, refreshing data from a pivot table in the workbook) is performed in a similar fashion. The
EWA sends the request to the ECS. The ECS performs the operation (in this case, it queries an external
database for the pivot data), recalculates the workbook as needed, and returns the range information.
The EWA then generates the HTML.
The following section takes a closer look at each of the main components of Excel Services to help you
better understand this example scenario.
Understanding the Architecture
There are four key components of Excel Services:
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
Excel Calculation Server (ECS)
Excel Web Access (EWA) Web Part
Excel Web Services API
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