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Understanding the Architecture
In the figure, the following are web applications:
The following are web site collections:
And the following are sites and subsites:
Shared Services Provider
A Shared Services Provider (SSP) is a group of services on the application servers (such as ECS and Search)
that support the WFE. By default, there is one SSP in each SharePoint farm, and it supports all its web
applications and site collections.
The administrator can create additional SSPs and map each web application to an SSP. Each SSP runs its
services on the application servers in a separate process. This means each group of web applications on
the WFE can have a separate ECS process, and each process can be managed separately.
Figure 3-5 shows an example of three web applications, each mapped to one of two SSPs that exist in
the farm.
All SSPs run on all the application server machines. Each application server that contains the ECS role has
a separate ECS process for each SSP. Figure 3-6 shows an example of two application server machines, with
different roles enabled on them. Each of these machines has two SSPs running on them, each with the roles
that are enabled on that machine.
The Excel Calculation Server (ECS)
The ECS is a web service and runs as part of the IIS on each application server machine. As mentioned,
there is a separate process (application pool) for each SSP.
The WFE components (that is, the EWA and the API) communicate with the ECS via Web services.
This Web service is not supported and not documented by Microsoft. The recommended way to
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