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Understanding Operational Concepts
The mechanism used to download the file depends on the storage location type. Files from SharePoint
document libraries are downloaded using the SharePoint object model. Files from UNC and HTTP
locations are downloaded using the appropriate protocol.
A downloaded workbook file is opened in read-only mode. A workbook author can make changes to the
file while it is open on the server, but these changes will not affect existing sessions on the ECS. However,
new sessions will get the updated file. The ECS allows for multiple versions of the same workbook to be
loaded simultaneously in different sessions.
Figure 3-9 shows the process of publishing workbooks and loading them on the server.
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Figure 3-9
Workbook Disk Cache
In order to minimize the number of file downloads from the storage location, the ECS maintains a file
cache on its local disk. Every time a user opens a file, the ECS verifies that he or she has permissions to
open it (as detailed in Chapter 8) and that the file timestamp has not changed in its storage location
compared to the cache.
The administrator can control several settings related to the disk cache. The maximum size of the disk
cache has a default value of 40GB. The caching is turned on by default, and can be turned off if there is
not enough local disk space. When caching is turned off, the files are still downloaded to the local cache
location, but they are deleted after the session is closed instead of being kept in the cache.
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