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Understanding Operational Concepts
Scaling out is another alternative you should consider. Of course, you will need to factor in the price of
the hardware and the maintenance and administration of the farm when you’re determining the best
way to scale out.
You can scale out the WFE and the ECS independently. For example, you can scale out the WFE if there
is a lot of SharePoint front-end activity (such as displaying the SharePoint home page, browsing through
lists and document libraries, and so on), as shown in Figure 3-11. Or you can scale out the ECS if there
are a lot of Excel calculations being performed.
A combination of scaling up and scaling out is usually best. WFE machines are normally cheaper, so it
would be most cost-effective to scale them out and scale up application server machines. (Chapter 6
discusses capacity planning for Excel Services.)
Network Load Balancer
Software Load Balancer
Figure 3-11
Load Balancing
When a client machine opens a connection to the WFE, the normal SharePoint load balancing (usually
NLB) is used to choose the WFE machine that will service that request.
When the WFE opens a new Excel Services session on the ECS, it chooses the ECS machine according to
the load-balancing scheme. This scheme is an administrator setting, and has the following values:
Local — The WFE will attempt to use the ECS located on the same machine as the WFE. Choose
this method if each machine in the farm contains both the WFE and the ECS.
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