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Configuring DPM Management Shell
Now you can go to Event Viewer and see DPM specific alerts. To open DPM alerts in
Event Viewer follow these steps:
1. Click on Start .
2. Click on Administrative Tools .
3. Click on Event Viewer .
4. Expand Applications and Services Logs .
Click on DPM Alerts (The DPM Alerts will show up in the right-hand
window pane.)
To monitor DPM from SCOM (System Center Operations Manager) or SCE (System
Center Essentials) you need to download a management pack on your system
center server and the System Center agent needs to be installed on the DPM server.
The management pack can be downloaded from the following site along with
Configuring DPM Management Shell
By default when you install DPM, the DPM Management Shell will be installed
along with the DPM Administrator Console on your DPM server. If for some
reason the DPM Management Shell is not installed you can always install it later
on. It can also be installed on other computers beside the DPM server. This gives
administrators the ability to manage DPM via command shell remotely. DPM
Management Shell can be installed on other servers or client computers such as
Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. It is based on Windows PowerShell
and contains PowerShell commands that are unique to DPM. These DPM PowerShell
commands are scriptable, so administrative tasks that can be performed from the
DPM Administrator Console can be performed automatically. We will cover DPM
Management Shell and its commands in greater detail in Chapter 10 .
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