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Manually prepare Active Directory for DPM
NOTE : The following error may pop up if your account does not have
the proper permissions or the domain controller cannot be contacted:
If this error comes up, click OK and you will need to manually extend
the Active Directory schema. The next series of steps will guide you
through manually extending the Active Directory schema on the
domain controller.
Manually prepare Active Directory for DPM
Here are the steps to manually configure Active Directory and enable End-user
Recovery for DPM:
1. Log on to your domain controller.
2. Click Start and type in the path to your DPM folder on your DPM server
\\DPMSERVERNAME\c$\Program Files\Microsoft DPM\DPM\End User
Recovery\ .
Double-click on DPMADSchemaExtension.exe .
An informational alert will pop up letting you know your Active Directory is
about to be extended for DPM End-user Recovery. Click Yes to continue:
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