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Chapter 5:
You have made it this far getting the DPM application installed and your DPM server
configured. This chapter aims to provide you with an overview as well as guidance
on the day to day administration and management of DPM. We will cover important
tasks that you need to know and understand to maintain your DPM server.
After you're done reading this chapter you will be able to identify the different areas
of the Administrator Console, how to run reports, how to tweak DPM to get the best
performance, common terms, and DPM's file structure and processes.
In this chapter, we will cover these specific areas:
• DPM structure
• DPM Administrator Console
• DPM general maintenance
• DPM reporting
• Managing DPM performance
DPM structure
In this section we will look at the DPM file structure in order to have a better
understanding of where DPM stores its components. We will also look at important
processes that DPM runs and what they are used for. There will be some hints and
tips that you should know about that will be useful when administering DPM.
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