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Important DPM terms
Replica : A complete copy of the protected data on a single volume, database,
or storage group. Each member of a protection group is associated with a
replica on the DPM server.
Replica creation : The process by which a full copy of data sources, selected
for inclusion in a protection group, is transferred to the DPM storage pool.
The replica can be created over the network from data on the protected
computer or from a tape backup system. Replica creation is an initialization
process that is performed for each data source when the data source is added
to a protection group.
Replica volume : A volume on the DPM server that contains the replica for a
protected data source.
Custom volume : A volume that is not in the DPM storage pool and is
specified to store the replica and recovery points for a protection group
Dismount : To remove a removable tape or disc from a drive.
DPM Alerts log : A log that stores DPM alerts as Windows events so that
the alerts can be displayed in Microsoft System Center Operations
Manager (SCOM) .
DPMDB.mdf : The filename of the DPM database, the SQL Server database
that stores DPM settings and configuration information.
DPMDBReaders group : A group, created during DPM installation, that
contains all accounts that have read-only access to the DPM database. The
DPMReport account is a member of this group.
DPMReport account : The account that the Web and NT services of SQL
Server Reporting Services use to access the DPM database. This account is
created when an administrator configures DPM reporting.
MICROSOFT$DPM$ : The name that the DPM setup assigns to the SQL
Server instance used by DPM.
Microsoft$DPMWriter$ account : The low-privilege account under which
DPM runs the DPM Writer service. This account is created during the DPM
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