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Important DPM terms
MSDPMTrustedMachines group : A group that contains the domain
accounts for computers that are authorized to communicate with the DPM
server. DPM uses this group to ensure that only computers that have the
DPM protection agent installed from a specific DPM server can respond to
calls from that server.
Protection configuration : The collection of settings that is common to a
protection group; specifically, the protection group name, disk allocations,
replica creation method, and on-the-wire compression.
Protection group : A collection of data sources that share the same protection
Protection group member : A data source within a protection group.
Protected computer : A computer that contains data sources that are
protection group members.
Synchronization : The process by which DPM transfers changes from the
protected computer to the DPM server, and applies the changes to the replica
of the protected volume.
Recovery goals : The retention range, data loss tolerance, and frequency of
recovery points for protected data.
Recovery collection : The aggregate of all recovery jobs associated with a
single recovery operation.
Recovery point : The date and time of a previous version of a data source that
is available for recovery from media that is managed by DPM.
Report database : The SQL Server database that stores DPM reporting
information ( ReportServer.mdf ).
ReportServer.mdf : In DPM, the filename for the report database—a SQL
Server database that stores reporting information.
Retention range : Duration of time for which the data should be available
for recovery.
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