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DPM Administrator Console
DPM Administrator Console
In this section you will learn about the DPM Administrator Console, its layout,
task areas, and functions in them. The DPM administrator interface gives you one
place to access all DPM areas and functions. The DPM Administrator Console is the
central tool that is used to manage the application. Knowing the DPM Administrator
Console will assist you down the road when administering DPM.
The menu bar is an important part of the DPM Console and contains the following
menus: File , Action , View , and Help . Now let's look at each of these four menus.
The File menu is similar to the one you would see in your standard MMC interface.
The File menu contains Options and Exit . Selecting Options will allow you to run
a disk clean-up of stored console changes. Selecting Exit from the File menu is one
way of closing the DPM Console.
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