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The Management area is where you manage storage pools, tape libraries, and your
protection agents. This is where you can add or remove protection agents, disks to
your storage pool, and tapes or tape libraries.
You have three tabs in Management . These three tabs are Agents , Disks , and
Libraries . Under the Agents tab you can install and remove agents on computers
that you want to protect. On the Agents tab you can also see a list of computers
that you are currently protecting. On this Agents tab you will also notice that you
can see what type and how many DPM licenses you currently have. Note that this
information is only as accurate as the person entering the license information:
On the Disks tab you can add and remove disks from your DPM storage pool. You
can also see what disks are currently added and how much of the disks are used
up. When you click on a disk in the display pane, more information is shown in the
Details pane about the disk such as state of health and what data is being protected
on a particular disk. This is very helpful when trying to figure out what data is on
what disk in your DPM storage pool.
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