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Actions pane
Actions pane
The Action pane gives you certain tasks you can do that relate to the current task
area you have selected. For example, if you were in the Reporting area you will
notice on the Actions pane you have the options to select View or Schedule . This
will change with every task area. Basically it is another way of doing things with the
task areas in DPM.
DPM general maintenance
There are many things that will come up when maintaining a DPM server. We will
cover some best practices in regards to maintenance.
Restarting the DPM server
When the time comes for you to restart your DPM server, you should check a
few things first to make sure you don't cause any issues with DPM. You should
check the monitoring task area in DPM for jobs that are running and take note of
scheduled jobs.
You don't want to restart the DPM server if a scheduled job is about to kick off
during the restart time. If there is a shadow copy creation or replica creation job
that is scheduled to start you will want to postpone your restart until after these
jobs finish. If a restart happens during the shadow copy creation or replica creation
you will need to perform manual tasks to correct these jobs. You will need to
run a synchronization with a consistency check for the replica creation and run a
synchronization and create a shadow copy for the create shadow copies job. The best
practice is to not restart your DPM server often and if you need to, be sure no DPM
related tasks are running or scheduled.
Running antivirus on a DPM server
We first discussed running antivirus software on a DPM server in Chapter 2 . Let's
touch on this briefly again here as it is important to understand that this can cause
DPM to perform poorly if not set up correctly.
Disable the antivirus software real-time monitoring of csc.exe and dpmra.exe
on your DPM server. The reasons why we want to disable scanning of these two
processes are covered in more detail in Chapter 2 , so refer to it if you want more
information on these processes. Additionally the antivirus to add is the antivirus
software scanning of the \XSD and \Temp\MTA directories should also be disabled.
Doing this will prevent file conflicts between DPM and antivirus programs.
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