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Disk Defragmenter and Check Disk
The last thing to remember when it comes to antivirus software on your DPM server,
is to always set your antivirus software to delete infected files rather than cleaning
or quarantining them. Deleting infected files will ensure that DPM does not throw
errors for corrupted data. If you would like more information on this please refer
back to Chapter 2 .
Disk Defragmenter and Check Disk
Do not run Disk Defragmenter on any disks that are members of a DPM storage
pool. Defragmenting a disk in a DPM storage pool could cause shadow copies to be
lost. You would not want to run Check Disk either. Running Check Disk on DPM
recovery point and replica volumes will cause the volumes to dismount and cause
loss of recovery points. Also Disk Cleanup is not available to disks or volumes in
DPM storage pools. DPM typically does its own management of disks and there are
some manual operations you can perform to clean up your DPM disks. The manual
tasks are done via PowerShell and we will cover this later in Chapter 10 .
Windows update on a DPM server
As we know in system administration, it is important to keep our servers patched
and updated. The same is true for your DPM server. The best practice is to use
Windows updates for your DPM updates. These updates will be applied along
with your standard server OS updates. This will save you time applying the DPM
updates at the same time. There is one exception to receiving all your updates for
DPM through Windows updates. The exception is when you need to install full DPM
service packs. DPM service packs should typically be downloaded and installed
separately. These typically contain several patches and ixes. You will want to fully
understand the effects this may have on your DPM server.
Moving DPM to a different SQL instance
It is always the best practice to decide on where you are going to store the DPM
database before your DPM installation. You need to choose between using a local or
remote SQL instance. However the need may arise to move your DPM database to
another SQL instance. Moving the DPM SQL database is possible. You need to use
the DpmSync tool to perform this task. The following steps show how to move a
DPM database to a different SQL instance:
First, stop the DPM to ensure no DPM jobs are running. You can ensure this
by stopping the DPM service ( Msdpm.exe ) on your DPM server.
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