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Managing DPM performance
Managing DPM performance
Here we are going to walk through the different things you can modify to improve
the performance of DPM and also things to look out for that could degrade DPM
The pageile on DPM
The pageile is important for DPM and the servers it protects. If the pageile is set up
incorrectly it can have a bad effect in your DPM deployment.
On the DPM server you want to set the system pageile size to 1.5 times the amount
of RAM in the server. You then want to increase the pageile size to 0.2% the size of
your recovery volumes combined. If your DPM has 2 GB of RAM you will set the
pageile size to 3.5 GB. That meets the 1.5 times rule. To meet the increase 0.2% rule
on a recovery volume total 4 TB size combination, your pageile would need to be
increased by another 8 GB. Make sure you have enough hard drive space on your
main drives hard drive. On your protected servers you will want to set their pageile
sizes to two times the amount of RAM in the server. DPM needs this to properly
back them up.
To set your pageile size follow these steps:
From the windows Run box or command prompt, type
SystemPropertiesAdvanced.exe , and you will be directed to the Advanced
System Settings on the Advanced tab.
Go ahead and click the Settings button under the Performance section. Here
is where you can set your Windows pageile.
DPM performance monitors
You can use the built in Windows performance monitor for monitoring you're DPM
server, or you can use the DPM management pack in System Center Operations
Manager (SCOM) to monitor DPM. SCOM is another product in the System Center
suite of products and is the perfect tool to use for monitoring DPM servers. SCOM
monitors the health status of DPM. It will alert the backup administrator if there is
any health alerts. The alerts also provide potential ixes to problems. Although DPM
does have its own monitoring and reporting mechanisms, these are on a per DPM
server basis, whereas using SCOM provides central monitoring solution.
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