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Managing DPM performance
To enable monitoring of DPM in SCOM, the DPM management pack is required,
and this can be obtained at .
aspx?FamilyID=32077d99-618f-43d0-843d-4ba4f8019f84&displaylang=en .
Once this management pack is imported into SCOM and an agent has been deployed
to the DPM servers, all the DPM servers will be discovered. SCOM will automatically
start monitoring the DPM servers after they have been discovered. However, a
number of DPM monitors rely on events being published to the DPM Alerts log on
the DPM servers. This is not enabled by default, but can easily be switched on within
the DPM Administrator Console by following the steps below:
Open the DPM Administrator Console and select Management .
From the Actions menu, select Options .
Select the Alert Publishing tab and click Publish Active Alerts .
With the management pack imported in SCOM and alerts published in DPM,
monitoring in SCOM is now enabled.
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