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Managing DPM performance
The DPM management pack provides monitoring of the DPM server, the storage,
the tape library, and all of the data sources being protected. Using the state views
provided, it is easy to view the current state of all DPM servers and the current state
of all data sources being protected. The following figure shows the datasource
state view:
Contained in this datasource state view are all the datasource objects from all the
DPM servers being monitored. The state of each datasource is determined by a
number of monitors that run against each object. There are over 31 monitors that run
for each object to make sure that the protection being provided by DPM is accurately
reflected in SCOM. There are also state views for the DPM server, DPM Disk State,
Tape Drive State, and Protected Computer.
Also included in the management pack are a number of alert views. These views are
useful as they will display alerts for all monitored DPM servers. To further assist
with managing DPM servers from SCOM, there are a number of tasks that can be
performed. These include the following:
• Creating a recovery point
• Running a consistency check
• Running Synchronization
• Starting the DPM Service
• Stopping the DPM Service
• Pinging the DPM server
These tasks can be used to assist in both troubleshooting and resolving a DPM issue
without the need to connect to a DPM server. All these tasks are very useful if you
are managing more than one DPM server.
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