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Installing the DPM agent
Meeting all the requirements for protecting a server with DPM does not mean that
a computer is protected. You still need to install the DPM agent on the protected
computer. The DPM protection agent is software that needs to be installed on any
computer you want to protect. Once a computer has the agent installed it will
then show up in the DPM Management task area. The protected computer can be
added to a Protection Group only after the agent is installed. DPM uses the agent
to communicate with the protected computer. Each agent is exclusive to one DPM
server. For example, if you had two DPM servers called DPM1 and DPM2, the
computers that had the agent installed from DPM1 could not be protected by or
communicate with DPM2. The computer would only be able to be protected by and
communicate with DPM1.
The agent allows DPM to access shares, volumes, and folders on the computer you
are protecting. The agent also records changes of the protected data in a change
journal. The journal is a hidden file on the protected volume. The changes in the
journal on the protected computer are then transferred to the DPM server by the
agent. Once DPM knows about these changes it will then synchronize the changes of
the protected data with a replica of the protected data on the DPM server.
DPM 2010 offers more agent installation options over DPM 2007. In DPM 2010 you can
Install, or Attach an agent. You would choose the attach agent option for computers
that are behind a firewall that the DPM server cannot get through, if the protected
server already has the DPM agent installed. Attaching the agent simply adds the
protected computer to the DPM server but does not install the agent on the protected
server. The agent can be installed before or after attaching to the DPM server.
When you choose to attach an agent over installing the agent you must manually
install the agent on the protected server. When installing the agent manually, you
can install on computers in the same domain as the DPM server and on computers
in an untrusted domain or workgroup. In DPM 2007 the only option you have is to
install the DPM agent and only on computers that are in the same domain as the
DPM server.
Let's walk through installing the DPM agent on a server using both Install and Attach.
Installing the DPM agent
In this example we will run through the typical way of installing the DPM agent:
Open the DPM Administrator Console.
Click the Management tab on the navigation bar.
Now click on the Agents tab.
On the Actions pane, click Install .
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