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Installing the DPM agent manually
Now you need to install the agent on the computer you want to protect. Here are the
steps to do this:
1. Locate the 3.0.7696.0 folder on your DPM server here:
%systemroot%\Program Files\Microsoft DPM\DPM\ProtectionAgents\
2. The 3.0.7696.0 folder will have two folders, i386 and amd64 in it. If you are
installing on a 64 bit server use the installer from the amd64 folder otherwise
use the i386 folder.
Copy this folder to the local %systemroot% drive on the server you want
to protect. The best thing to do is to create a folder that will hold the DPM
agent installation files on the server that need to be protected in order to
make the installation easy. You can name it DPMagentinstall for example
c:\DPMagentinstall .
Open a command prompt on the server you are going to protect. If this
is Windows 2008 Server be sure to open the command prompt with
elevated privileges.
For 32 bit computers, type:
cd c:\DPMagentinstall\DPMAgentInstaller_x86.exe <DPMServerFQDN>
For 64 bit computers, type:
cd c:\DPMagentinstall\DPMAgentInstaller_x64.exe <DPMserverFQDN>
For example: DPMAgentInstaller_x86.exe
It will then let you know that your server requires a restart if it was successful.
If the protected computer was attached in DPM before the agent installer on the
protected computer, the computer will then already be in the DPM Console. If the
protected computer was not attached in DPM beforehand then attach the computer
in the DPM Administrator Console or simply run the following commands in
PowerShell on the DPM server:
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