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Backing up System State
• Active Directory (if the server is a domain controller)
• SysVol (if the server is a domain controller)
• Certificate Services (if the server is running Certificate Services)
• IIS Metabase
The System State backup only backs up system components. System State does not
contain any data from hard drives or application specific data such as Exchange,
SharePoint, or SQL data. It is recommended that you back up the hard drives and
any application specific files that will be needed in the event of a failure. If you
want to back up specific applications you will need to refer to your application
documentation on backup. For more informatio n on System State refer to: library/cc785306(WS.10).aspx
In order for DPM to back up System State on a Windows 2008 server the WSB
(Windows Server Backup) feature needs to be installed on that Windows server.
System State has grown significantly in size in Windows 2008 server. It is common
for the System State backup to be double digit Gigabytes in size or larger. Be sure to
have enough free space on the drive that will store the System State backup. We are
going to use our existing Protection Group for the following example. These steps
will show you how to modify an existing Protection Group and how you back up
System State in DPM:
Open the DPM Administrator Console.
Click the Protection tab on the navigation bar:
Right-click on the Protection Group and choose Modify Protection Group .
Expand the next to the server you want to back up the System State on. +
Expand the next to System Protection .
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