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Protecting computers in workgroups and untrusted domains
Protecting computers in workgroups and
untrusted domains
In DPM 2010 you are able to back up computers that are in workgroups or in
untrusted domains. This includes backing up file servers, Hyper-V, SQL, and
Exchange in non-trusted domains. Backing up SharePoint in untrusted domains is
not supported.
NOTE : DCOM needs to be enabled on the protected server. If this is not
enabled you may receive the "incorrect password" error when trying to
attach the protected computer of a workgroup or untrusted domain.
The way to protect computers in untrusted domains or workgroups is by
using a local user account from the computer you are protecting. This is NTLM
authentication that is between DPM and the protected computer using the local user
account from the protected computer. These credentials are to be supplied during the
installation of the DPM agent. The agent has to be installed using the attach option
in the DPM Agent Installation Wizard and then has to be manually installed on
the computer you plan to protect. Any updates that are needed for the agent in the
future will have to be manually applied.
There are two parts to protecting a computer that is in a workgroup or untrusted
domain. The first part is installing the DPM agent on the computer that needs to be
protected. The second part is to attach the agent in DPM. Here are the steps to back
up a computer in a workgroup or untrusted domain:
From the computer you will be protecting, access the DPM server over the
network and copy the folder with the Agent installer in it down to the local
machine. Use this path:
\\DPMSERVERNAME\Program Files\Microsoft DPM\DPM\ProtectionA-
Then from the local folder on the protected computer run dpmra.msi to
install the agent.
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