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Configuring DPM backup on clients
Configuring DPM backup on clients
DPM 2010 has improved the client backup management and experience. Client back
up consists of backing up desktops and laptops. The backup has even been improved
for remote clients that are not connected to the network very often. As a DPM
administrator you can configure the client and control what is backed up. You also
have the option of letting the end-users control their own backup.
The DPM client utilizes the Previous Versions feature that is seen in Windows Vista
and Windows 7. DPM creates a local copy of protected data and a remote copy on
the DPM server. DPM can protect client computers that are either 32 or 64 bit. The
following are the operating systems that are supported by DPM:
• Windows XP SP2 or later
• Windows Vista
• Windows 7
Configuring End-user Recovery
The first step is to make sure End-user Recovery is enabled. To check mark this in
the DPM Administrator Console go to the Action menu and select Options . A check
should be in the box next to Enable end-user recovery :
If this box is not checked you will need to configure Active Directory and then
check this box. For more information on configuring End-user Recovery refer
back to Chapter 4 .
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