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Chapter 7:
Backing Up Critical
Every business has critical applications that the business and its users depend on
from day to day. These applications need to stay up and keep running and if they go
down the time to get them back up has to be fast. These are beyond just file shares
and user data. These applications are things like e-mail, customer data, financial
data, virtualized servers, inventory systems, websites, and more. Some specific
applications are Exchange, CRM, SharePoint, PBX phone systems, and ERP systems
such as Dynamics AX 2009 and SAP (if it is running on SQL Server). Many of these
applications store their data in databases on Microsoft SQL Server. DPM has the
power to back these up and does a really good job of this. Out of the box with an
enterprise license, DPM can back up Microsoft SQL databases, Hyper-V virtual
machines, Exchange, and SharePoint. Since these applications were developed by
Microsoft and DPM was developed by Microsoft, it offers the best integration and
backup for them. DPM can back up applications like Microsoft CRM, ISA, PBX,
and more. You need to know these applications and which components need to be
backed up. For example, to back up CRM you simply need to make sure DPM is
backing up the SQL database. If the SQL server that is hosting the CRM database
fails you can restore it from DPM to another SQL server and re-point CRM to it in
order to get this up and running.
In this chapter, we are going to cover common Microsoft applications that many
businesses use today in their environments. The topics include:
• Protecting Exchange with DPM
• Protecting Hyper-V with DPM
• Protecting SharePoint with DPM
• Protecting SQL Server with DPM
• Protecting ISA Server 2006 with DPM
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