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Protecting Exchange with DPM
Protecting Exchange with DPM
Microsoft Exchange Server is a client/server solution with Exchange being the
server side and Outlook being on the client side. Exchange is a messaging and
collaborative application. Exchange is widely used in businesses it has about 65%
of the market share of all organizations according to Ferris Research.
Exchange consists of e-mail, calendaring, contacts, and tasks. Exchange also includes
support for mobile and web-based access. DPM offers tight integration with
Exchange. DPM is able to back up Exchange and makes this process easy. We will
cover configuring DPM to back up Exchange.
It is recommended that you use a utility called Eseutil on DPM when protecting
Exchange. Using this utility is recommended because DPM will use the utility to
perform consistency checks on the data that is written to disk or tape to make sure
it is not corrupt. Using the utility will minimize the load that is put on the Exchange
server from the backup; the utility does this by offloading the resources used by
Eseutil on the DPM server instead of on the Exchange server. If you do not use this
utility you will see this warning when trying to protect Exchange through DPM. This
is the warning that you will see:
Eseutil consistency check cannot be performed for this protection group, as eseutil.
exe is not present on the DPM server.
Copy the following files from the Exchange server installation folder to C:\Program
Files\Microsoft DPM\DPM\bin\ on the DPM server:
You can also choose not to run the Eseutil consistency check for this protection
group, by un-checking the Run Eseutil Consistency check option. However, this is
not recommended because it will not ensure the recoverability of the protected data.
As the warning states using the Eseutil is not required but is recommended. In
the following example we will walk through copying the proper files so DPM will
use the Eseutil utility. Eseutil is an internal utility that ensures good health of the
Exchange stores in 2007 or the DAG databases in 2010. It is used to verify, modify,
and repair Exchange stores and databases. DPM uses Eseutil to verify the integrity of
Exchange and reports the status of backups back to Exchange after it is done.
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