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Protecting SharePoint with DPM
Protecting SharePoint with DPM
SharePoint is a portal, collaboration, file sharing, web publishing application and
more. SharePoint has become a critical business application in many companies
today. DPM was built specifically to back up Microsoft workloads, with SharePoint
being one of them. Other backup solutions have a more generic approach to backing
up specific applications like SharePoint. The majority of these SharePoint backup
solutions offer full restores only with no granular recovery of individual items. They
are complex to set up and configure, requiring some level of training. However
there are some SharePoint backup tools out there in the market that do a good job
at backing up SharePoint offering granular restore, easy set up and configuration
such as DocAve Backup and Recovery by AvePoint as well as Recovery Manager for
SharePoint by Quest. DPM falls into the category of a good backup solution for your
SharePoint. DPM is easy to configure for SharePoint backup and with the release
of DPM 2010 it can restore down to the item level which you will see in Chapter 8 .
With the release of SharePoint 2010 a recovery farm is no longer required to perform
restores, DPM 2010 takes full advantage of this feature so that you can perform a
restore without a recovery farm right from DPM to your SharePoint.
DPM uses VSS to back up open and in use files. Other backup solutions do not
always utilize VSS as they are built to back up static closed files. DPM backs up the
SharePoint server farm, SharePoint sites, document libraries, lists, documents, and
other objects. DPM uses byte-level replication and integrity checking. DPM can also
back up SharePoint service applications.
Before you can back up SharePoint with DPM the configurations and prerequisites
have to be met. We are going to cover these requirements as well as the steps to
protect your SharePoint environments.
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