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Protecting SQL Server with DPM
Protecting SQL Server with DPM
Many companies rely on Microsoft SQL Server to run their business. Whether your
company uses it directly or not, chances are one of your critical business applications
stores its data in a SQL database. Some examples of applications that store data in
SQL are SharePoint and CRM. As you can see backing up SQL is an important task. It
is a good thing DPM does a good job of backing up SQL. Unlike other backup systems
DPM was designed specifically to back up SQL Server. This makes DPM one of the
best backup solutions for SQL. Even though DPM can only back up as often as 15
minutes it still gives an administrator the power to restore to any transaction point.
DPM makes an initial baseline back up of the SQL databases it is backing up. DPM
then performs Intelligent Application Protection on SQL in two ways:
• SQL transaction logs are continually synchronized to the DPM server
• The SQL Server VSS Writer service identifies blocks that have changed in the
entire database and sends only the updated blocks to DPM
DPM can protect up to 2000 databases per DPM server and can store up to 512
shadow copes of each SQL database. DPM can only protect SQL 2000 SP4, SQL 2005,
SQL 2008, and SQL 2008 R2. SQL is the easiest application to back up with DPM
because there are no special prerequisites or configurations you have to make on
your SQL server. DPM recognizes SQL data right out of the box. As soon as you
have your agent installed and go to add your SQL server to a protection group, DPM
knows that the server contains SQL data on it.
DPM 2010 can protect SQL servers at the instance level. This means that when
new databases are created on that instance DPM can automatically start protecting
them. To not use this feature select only the databases you want to back up when
modifying or creating a new protection group. To use this feature simply select
the entire instance when modifying or creating a new protection group. See the
following screenshot as it shows selecting a SQL instance:
NOTE : When you checked the box next to the SQL instance DPM adds
(Auto) next to the SQL instance name. This means that the automatic
SQL database protection is turned on. The next time a database is added
to the instance it will be automatically protected.
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