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Protecting ISA Server 2006 with DPM
8. Click Next for the next five windows if no further protection group
configuration changes are required.
9. Click Update Group or Create Group to add your SQL databases to the
protection group.
The following screenshot is an example of what your SQL data will look like in a
protection group when it is protected by DPM:
Protecting ISA Server 2006 with DPM
ISA server 2006 is a software based multi-featured and multi-purpose firewall
security gateway. ISA can protect against external and internal web-based threats
through its firewall and offers advanced protection such as intrusion detection. ISA
is used as a remote access tool by publishing applications such as Exchange OWA,
SharePoint, and Microsoft CRM. ISA can also provide a VPN service and act as a
load balancer. Lastly, ISA can be a web cache server and provide routing to connect
multiple sites. ISA is a powerful tool that is used in many businesses. It is another
business tool that needs to be backed up.
DPM was not designed to natively back up ISA like it has been for all of the previous
applications. This is because ISA server configurations do not typically change that
often, hence there is no need for intelligent protection of it. ISA is not like SharePoint,
Exchange, or SQL that constantly change. Administrators typically schedule or
manually back up ISA through its built-in export function. Administrators then copy
the XML backup file to a network share that DPM can access and that is how they
back up ISA with DPM. Time could be saved by scheduling the ISA exports and if
DPM could back up the ISA server configuration directly.
While surfing the internet and seeing many forum posts asking how to properly
backup ISA with DPM it was decided to add information on how to do this. We will
cover the steps you need to take to allow the DPM agent to be installed and to begin
protection your ISA server from DPM. The following are the steps to start protecting
your ISA 2006 server.
First, you need to configure firewall settings within ISA to allow ISA and DPM to
communicate properly. Here are the steps to configure the ISA firewall:
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