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Protecting ISA Server 2006 with DPM
Then from the local folder on the protected computer run dpmra.msi to
install the agent.
Open a command prompt (make sure you have elevated privileges) change
directory to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Data Protection Manager\DPM\
bin . Then run the following: SetDpmServer.exe -dpmServerName<serverN
For example:
SetDpmServer.exe -dpmServerNamebuchdpm
Now restart the ISA server.
Once your ISA server comes back up, check Windows services to make sure
the DPMRA service is set to automatic and start it.
That is it, now you can start protecting your ISA server from DPM.
Go back to the DPM Administrator Console on your DPM server and modify your
protection group to add ISA. With the ISA backup you can choose to back up certain
ISA components depending on your recovery needs. With DPM you can back up the
ISA hard drive, ISA logs that are stored in SQL, and ISA's System State. Here is a list
of what you should back up depending on your circumstances:
• ISA Configuration Settings (exported through ISA)
• ISA Firewall Settings (exported through ISA)
• ISA Log Files (stored in SQL Databases)
• ISA Install Directory (only needed if you have custom forms for things such
as an Outlook Web Access Login screen.)
• ISA Server System State
All of the components are not required except for the ISA settings. The ISA settings
contain the settings you will need to get ISA up and running again on a new ISA
installation. For more in formation on backing up ISA 2006 visit:
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