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Recovering files, folders, shares, and volumes
Recovery in the DPM Administrator Console is straightforward, easy to understand
and use. We will now go into more detail on recovering data using DPM. You will be
able to see the Recovery Wizard and different recovery options in action.
Recovering files, folders, shares, and
Let's take a look at recovering files, folders, shares, and volumes one step at a time.
This type of data will be the most common in your environment. All servers have files,
folders, volumes and many have shares. Then client computers have this same data
that needs to be protected. The following steps will show how to recover basic data:
On your DPM server open the DPM Administrator Console.
Click on the Recovery tab.
Browse or search for the data you want to recover in the Protected data section.
You can either search for the data or browse for it on the protected server.
In the Results pane, select the data you want to restore. This can be an entire
volume, a share, a folder, or a file.
In the Recovery section on the calendar, any available recovery points will be
indicated in bold. To the right of the calendar will be a drop down box with
times that are available for recovery.
The Recoverable item pane will show the actual items that you can recover
such as the volume, shares, folders, or files.
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