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How to perform a Bare Metal Recovery?
With the release of Windows Server 2008, Microsoft revamped the Windows
Backup application ( wbadmin ). One of the features Microsoft introduced was BMR
through the imaging of servers. DPM leverages Windows Backup for BMR, it is
only supported on Windows 2008 Server or newer. Unfortunately you are limited
to System Recovery Tool (SRT), System State, or third-party imaging tools for
protecting your Windows 2003 servers. For more information on SRT visit:
BMR does not require a certain amount of space on the protected server. DPM
reserves 30 GB of space for the replica in the disk pool on the DPM server.
Getting a BMR of your server is simple. Install the Windows Server Backup role and
the DPM agent on the server you want to protect. Go into DPM and click on Modify
New Protection Group Wizard. Expand System Protection on the server you want to
protect. BMR will be listed here. Select BMR and click OK on the wizard.
NOTE : When you select BMR under System Protection,
System State will automatically be selected. These are
required to be in the same protection group together.
How to perform a Bare Metal Recovery?
Now let's get into the restore process of BMR. This essentially is the same process as
restoring an image taken by Windows Backup with a few more steps added. This is
a two-step process. The first process is to recover the BMR data in DPM. The second
step is to restore the BMR data on your new server hardware.
Recovering BMR data in DPM
To recover the BMR data in DPM follow these steps:
Go to the DPM Administrator Console.
Navigate to the Recovery tab and expand the protected computer, expand
System Protection , then select Bare Metal Recovery .
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