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Recovery of a VM to an alternate location
You can now review your restore settings. Notice in the screenshot you will
see a list of all the VM's data that will be restored. This data contains the
VHD and the VM's settings. Once you are done reviewing click Recover :
Recovery of a VM to an alternate location
DPM can also recover a VM to an alternate Hyper-V host. These restores can be
performed regardless of the alternate server's processor architecture. This is good
for administrators as it gives them more flexibility in the use of hardware platforms.
This also contains the VHD and Hyper-V settings of the VM. Here are the steps to
perform a VM restore to an alternate Hyper-V host:
1. Open the DPM Administrator Console and click the Recovery tab.
2. Under Protected data browse to the Hyper-V host that the virtual machine
you want to recover is on and expand it.
3. Select All Protected Hyper-V Data . Under Recoverable Item the VMs on this
Hyper-V host will appear.
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