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Chapter 1:
DPM Overview
Welcome to the first chapter of our journey into the world of data protection through
Microsoft Data Protection Manager (DPM). This chapter will provide you with an
overview of DPM. After reading this chapter you will understand what DPM is
and the basis of what it can and cannot do. We will go through DPM Architecture,
pricing of DPM, DPM downfalls, compare DPM to other back up solutions, DPM
features as well as features specific to the new 2010 version.
In this chapter, we will cover the following topics:
• What is DPM?
• DPM Architecture
• Cons of DPM
• DPM pricing
• DPM feature set
• New features of DPM 2010
• What makes DPM different from other back up solutions
What is DPM?
Data Protection Manager DPM ) is a part of the Microsoft System Center product (
suite. The Microsoft System Center products are recognized as tools that IT
professionals use to manage their Microsoft domain environments. DPM its right
into this category of products. DPM is Microsoft's first strategy in the back up and
recovery space. DPM is on its third version starting with DPM 2006 released in 2005,
then DPM 2007 and now DPM 2010. Data Protection Manager is designed to provide
IT professionals with a better, more stable way to manage data back up and recovery
and minimize data loss.
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