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Farm recovery
Farm recovery
Backing up an entire farm consists of the configuration, service application, and
Central Administration databases. These databases can be backed up individually
but this is not supported by Microsoft. If you run into problems restoring this way
you will be on your own. Microsoft says restoring individual databases can lead
to data corruption in the SharePoint farm. It is best practice to enable SharePoint
protection and protect your SharePoint farms this way. In DPM 2010 there no
longer is a need for a SharePoint recovery farm when protecting SharePoint 2010.
Most SharePoint environments are pretty standard. However some SharePoint
environments are not all out of the box and do have customizations. These can be
things such as custom settings to the web.config file or other settings and files in
the SharePoint directories. The best way to protect this information is to back up the
System State and the SharePoint directory on the web front end.
NOTE : When protecting SharePoint 2010 no
recovery farm is needed, however, when protecting
SharePoint 2007 a recovery farm is still required.
Here are steps to recover a SharePoint farm:
Open the DPM Administrator Console and click Recovery .
Browse to All Protected SharePoint Data in the Protected data pane and
select it.
In the Recoverable item pane, right-click on the conig database and choose
Recover . DPM will start the Recovery Wizard :
NOTE : Recovering the conig database will recover the entire farm
and all content databases. In DPM all of this data is within the conig
database. If you were to double-click on the conig database you
would see the content, configuration, administrator content, and any
search application databases you are protecting.
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