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Recovering sites, documents, and lists
In the Recoverable item pane double-click on the content database you want
to recover data from:
This will drill down further into the database. You will be drilling down into
the SharePoint object hierarchy. The hierarchy consists of site collections,
sites, lists, and libraries and then objects such as pictures, office documents,
and PDFs or list items. In the following screenshot you can see a drill down
into a site all the way down to AllItems.aspx in the link list. You could
recover this item if you needed to. That is the level of granularity that you get
with DPM protection of SharePoint:
In the Recoverable item pane you also have the option to navigate up if you
need to.
Once you found the SharePoint object you want to restore, right-click on it
and choose Recover :
Review your recovery selection, and click Next .
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