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Chapter 1:
DPM is a centralized back up solution for Microsoft domain environments.
DPM does not back up non-Microsoft operating systems natively. Backing up
non-Microsoft systems can be done through third party solutions that we will
cover later in Chapter 9 (this includes server and client operating systems). DPM
utilizes Microsoft Shadow Copy technology to perform continuous back ups. It
performs these continuous back ups at the block-level to ensure data integrity.
DPM creates continuous snapshots of data from protected clients. DPM performs
a synchronization of only changed data from protected clients keeping the space
requirements low on the drives you are backing up to. For example, if you have
200 GB of data that you are protecting on the protected server, DPM will only
synchronize the changed data and this might be a couple hundred MB of data.
Sending a couple hundred MB of data over a network versus 200 GB of data helps
keep bandwidth usage low allowing DPM to perform back ups more frequently.
DPM can perform these synchronizations as often as every 15 minutes, depending on
workload being protected, providing constant protection.
The following is a diagram of what DPM can protect and how it can provide
protection in your environment:
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