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Chapter 9:
Offsite, Cloud, Backup
and Recovery
Inexperienced and experienced backup administrators should know that offsite
backups are critical to your disaster recovery plan. You never know when a natural
disaster such as a flood, earthquake, or a ire could strike. DPM does a great job of
providing a solid onsite backup that makes it fast to recover data; but what happens if
a natural disaster takes out your office along with your onsite backup? You better have
an offsite backup somewhere. With DPM you have several offsite backup options.
With DPM you have several offsite backup options, which will be covered in this
chapter. Let's talk about where offsite backup has been and where it is headed.
Traditionally, backups have been transported offsite using removable storage media
such as tapes or optical storage such as CDs and DVDs. Some companies choose to
manage and store their own offsite backups. Other companies choose to have their
backups managed and stored by third-party companies that provide offsite backup
services. Backup administrators had to either have someone physically take the
offsite storage home or to another location. This is a problem because people can
easily lose such devices.
As a backup administrator you could pay an offsite provider to transport the tapes
or optical storage for you but this could be expensive. These forms of offsite backups
also consist of slow data retrieval because someone has to transport the data back to
the office.
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