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Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape (D2D2T) is an approach of backing up data to disk first
and then periodically copying this data to a tape. This is one way you could get
the speed of backing up to disk and the ability to store data on tapes offsite. One
downfall to this is if you need to restore from tape this process can be lengthy. This
backup scheme would be best for archiving data. When data is archived you are not
retrieving that data very often therefore you avoid the often slow restores. Of course
this decision will be made based on offsite requirements in your backup plan. Now
let's look at protecting data using a D2D2T scheme in DPM:
NOTE : You need to make sure your tape, tape library
unit, or external drives, that are made to look like tapes by
Firestreamer, are already installed on the DPM server and are
configured under the Management tab in DPM. If you need
more information on Firestreamer, revisit Chapter 4 .
1. Go to your DPM server and open the DPM Administrator Console .
2. Click on the Protection tab.
3. Either create a Protection Group or modify an existing one.
4. Click Next on the Select Group Members screen.
On the Select Data Protection Method screen, put a check mark next to I
want long-term protection using tape :
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