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Cons of DPM
The DPM Architecture has many parts to it but is easy to understand. We will go
through the various pieces. DPM's index and configuration information is stored in a
SQL database. This DPM database can be either local or remote on a new or existing
instance of SQL. A SQL 2008 instance is required for the DPM database. DPM 2010
runs on Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit architecture. It is
recommended by Microsoft that DPM needs to be installed on a server dedicated for
DPM only. DPM has several combinations in which it can back up your data which
help determine the topologies in which DPM can be set up. A number of things need
to be considered such as how long you need to retain data, how quickly you need to
recover data and how much data you have to back up.
DPM is capable of Disk-to-disk (D2D), Disk-to-tape (D2T), Disk-to-disk-to-tape
(D2D2T), and Disk-to-disk-to-cloud (D2D2C) protection. Back up to disk offers fast
restores while back up to disk then to tape offers a way to archive date for long
retention. You can also back up straight to tape skipping back up to disk all together
and back up to the cloud. Backing up to the cloud offers a way to get critical data
offsite without the need to send tapes offsite. DPM was designed to back up data
on any disk that is presented to the operating system on the DPM server including
internal hard drives, Direct Attached Storage (DAS), tape solutions, Storage Area
Network (SAN), iSCSI NAS, and to the cloud.
NOTE : DPM natively cannot back up to external USB hard drives but
there is a work around for this which we will cover in Chapter 7 .
For every operation that DPM performs, there is a PowerShell code that runs
underneath. This is good news because that means that anything DPM does from
the GUI can be scripted to help automate certain tasks. In fact, some tasks can
only be performed in PowerShell. This will be covered in detail in Chapter 10 It is
recommended that you have PowerShell knowledge or start learning it as soon
as you can. Microsoft is now creating a good amount of its new applications in
PowerShell, some of these being products in the System Center suite.
Cons of DPM
As with every product, DPM does have some disadvantages. Along with all the pros
of DPM we need to understand what the cons are as this will help you determine if
DPM will it your needs or not. The last thing you want is to invest in DPM only to
find out it won't do what you need it to do.
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