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When you come to the last screen of the modify/create Protection Group
wizard, Click Update Group to commit the changes to the Protection Group.
Now your protected data will be copied to tape based on the schedule you specified.
You can also perform a manual backup to tape by following these steps:
In the DPM Administrator Console, go to the Protection tab.
Right-click on the Protected Members data object and choose Create
Recovery point.
In the Create recovery point for drop down list choose Long term tape
protection . This will create a recovery point on your tape. Click OK:
NOTE : DPM can protect its own database natively, only when it is
being backed up to tape. To enable DPM to protect its own data you
will first need to run a command in PowerShell. This command is
SetDPMGlobalProperty-AllowLocalDataProtection$true . You
will learn about using PowerShell for DPM in Chapter 10.
That wraps up the D2D2T solution. Many environments still have tape hardware,
either as a single unit or a tape library, and this gives IT professionals a way to
continue using this hardware with DPM.
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