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Backing up DPM using third-party software
Backing up DPM using third-party software
If you choose to back up DPM using third-party software it is ideal to choose one that
supports DPM or VSS. Software that is designed to work with DPM will support the
DPM VSS Writer service. If the software does not support DPM but supports VSS,
it simply uses the shadow copy service that comes with Windows. Using the VSS
service and not the DPM VSS Writer can cause the backup process to become more
complex. You can also use third-party backup software that does not support DPM or
VSS. In order to use a backup solution that does not support DPM or VSS you need to
use a DPM tool called DPMBackup . No matter what third-party software you choose
to go with, essentially the DPM database and the replicas are the components that
need to be backed up. A replica is a complete copy of the protected data. The DPM
database stores your DPM settings and configuration information:
• The DPM database is located on your DPM server at the following location:
%systemdrive%\ProgramFiles\MicrosoftDPM\DPM\DPMDB . It will be a file
called MSDPM2010.mdf . In the simplest terms, the DPM database contains
a map of where your data is located within the replica structure. You need
these two in order to successfully bring a dead DPM server back to life.
• Let's have a look at the replica folder structure so you can see why the DPM
database contains a map. Replicas are stored on your DPM server here:
%systemdrive%\ProgramFiles\MicrosoftDPM\DPM\Volumes\Replica . In
the replicas you will see a folder structure similar to the following:
If you drill down into each folder you will see a folder with a very long
name beginning with "vol_" and then a series of letters and numbers.
Here is an example of the name: vol_37bbdd6d-38cf-4a1a-97ae-
2d4653c31a47 . If you drill down further you will find a folder called Full
and one called Incremental . These contain the actual replicas of the data
that you are protecting:
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