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DPM cloud backup
DPM cloud backup
These days you can go to any search engine on the Internet, search for offsite backup
and you will get hundreds of results. These results are companies offering offsite
backup services. At the time of writing this topic there are only two offsite backup
providers that support DPM. These companies are Iron Mountain and i365. There
are other offsite backup providers out there that can back up DPM but keep in mind
that they are not a supported provider. Do not get the term "supported" confused.
That term means these companies have partnered with Microsoft and tailored their
solution to work with DPM. Microsoft itself does not assume responsibility for the
services provided by these two companies.
To find out more about Microsoft cloud backup options go to this li nk:
dpm-cloud. aspx .
We are going to cover each of these services in further detail in this chapter.
Now other services can certainly work to back up DPM. The same principles of using
third-party software to back up DPM applies here. The offsite backup provider's
agent or software will need to be VSS aware and if it is not, then you will need to use
the DpmBackup tool. With that said there are four general things you want to look for
in an offsite backup provider. These are:
Free trial : You want this so you can test the service to ensure it works and
meets your needs before you get locked in.
A solid reputation of support : Do your research and read reviews. Make
sure the company has a history of good support and that they do what they
say they will do.
Good reporting and alerts : You need reports so that you can quickly see that
your data backup is actually working. On the same note you want e-mail
notifications to be at a minimum; that way you can be contacted right away if
a problem with your backup were to arise.
Easy to use and reliable solution : You want easy to configure and easy
to use software. You don't want a cloud backup system that requires you
to go through training just to use it. You also need a solution that is reliable.
The last thing you need is a solution that fails when you need to recover
critical data.
Now let's dive into the two current DPM offsite cloud offerings by Iron Mountain
and i365.
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