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EDPM installation
The appliance is made by Dell. The nice thing about a pre-configured hardware
appliance is that it takes the guesswork out of making sure you get the right
hardware for the job. This has already been done by i365 and Dell. The virtual
appliance can be in VMware or Hyper-V format. Choosing a virtual appliance gives
you the option of specifying your own hardware. EDPM gives IT professionals
the ability to protect mixed environments extending protection past Windows'
platforms. EDPM can back up Windows, Linux, VMware, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM
AIX, Novell NetWare, and Oracle databases.
What is nice about EDPM is that it is completely managed by you with the flexibility
of purchasing an appliance as physical or virtual. With this product you have
the option to simply back up to this appliance or to back up to the appliance and
then push this data out to the i365 cloud for offsite protection. EDPM also comes
with built-in deduplication so that you save on storage space. With the use of
deduplication your network bandwidth will not take as much of a hit when backing
up on and offsite.
EDPM has a full Windows Server 2008 R2 server with EVault and DPM already
pre-installed on it. When you deploy the appliance for the first time in your
environment you will configure both EDPM and DPM.
You can get an EDPM physical appliance in a 2 TB, 6 TB, or 10 TB configuration
with RAID 5.i365 offering optional 24/7 service maintenance contracts for the
appliance. The i365 cloud service is an optional monthly contract paid for on a
per-gigabyte basis.
We are going to cover installing EDPM, installing a EDPM agent, the EDPM
consoles, how to add protection, and perform a recovery. There is a lot more to
EDPM than what we will cover in this section and unfortunately we will not be
able to cover it all in this topic.
EDPM installation
EDPM is ready to go right out of the box after some configuration. The EDPM
configuration is a straightforward wizard-driven process. There is however a
few things you need to have done before hand to ensure the configurations
complete successfully.
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