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EDPM installation
Now click the next arrow on the DPM Setup screen.
DPM has already been pre-installed. A DPM mini-setup will be launched.
The mini-setup consists of accepting the Microsoft license terms, entering
a username and a company name, setting a SQL Agent Service password,
choosing to use or not to use Microsoft updates for DPM, opting in or out of
the Microsoft customer experience program, and configuration of all of these
settings. Enter the proper information and click Next to continue:
NOTE : You should stop here and go to Windows' Services then
restart the WMI service for DPM to properly configure. This part of the
install will fail on the appliance if you do not restart this service first.
9. Click Close when the DPM mini-setup completes.
10. Once the DPM mini-setup is complete you will go back to the EDPM wizard.
Click the next arrow to continue.
11. Click Finish to complete the EDPM configuration.
EDPM is now installed. Let's now look at installing a DPM agent.
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