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EDPM agent installation
EDPM agent installation
EDPM has an installer for each platform it supports. The installation files by
default are located in %systemdrive%\EVaultAgents on the EDPM server. You
can also navigate to the agent's directory via the network using this path \\
YOUREDPMSERVERNAME\c$\EVaultAgents . In the following screenshot you can see
the platforms that EDPM has installers for:
Each agent installation folder has a PDF file in it that you can use as a guide for
installing and operating the agent. We are going to cover installing the Windows and
Linux agent in this section.
Make sure that you have local administrative privileges before you install the EDPM
agent. The Windows agent is located in the Windows folder in the EVaultAgents
folder on the EDPM server. You can navigate to it via this path over the network:
\\YOUREDPMSERVERNAME\c$\EVaultAgents\Windows . You will need to copy the
agent installer over to the computer you are going to protect and then install from
there. Here are the steps:
1. Copy over Agent-Windows.exe or Agent-Windows-x64.exe to a folder on
the local computer. Use these for 32 bit and 64 bit computers respectively.
2. Click on the appropriate agent installer to launch the installation.
3. Click OK to continue. The installation will be prepared.
4. Click Next to continue.
Review the release and support notes then click Next to continue.
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