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EDPM agent installation
The Linux agent is not located on the root of the EVaultAgents folder; it is actually
located inside a Unix folder inside of the EVaultAgents folder on the EDPM server.
Here is the full path for the Linux installer: %systemdrive%\EVaultAgents\Unix\
Linux on the EDPM server or you can navigate to the agent across the network
on this path \\YOUREDPMSERVERNAME\c$\EVaultAgents\Unix\Linux . Here is a
screenshot of this directory so that you will know what is in this folder:
Be sure to have either root privileges on the Linux server or be able to sudo for the
installation of the agent. The Linux agent is compressed in .tar format. Here are the
steps to install the EDPM Linux agent:
1. Copy the Agent-Linux.tar.gz file from %systemdrive%\EVaultAgents\
Unix\Linux to the /tmp directory on your Linux computer.
2. Now you need to extract the installation files. Do this by running the
following commands in a shell:
° cd/tmp
° tarxfzAgent-Linux.tar.gz
° cdAgent-Linux
Now you should be able to run the install script. The install script is . You can launch this by typing the following command in a
shell: /tmp/Agent-Linux/ .
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